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Oliver Jeffers

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On Mothers Day, my boy and I went to Dymocks at 234 Collins, to meet our friend Yoyo and one of our favourite children’s’ book author/illustrators, Oliver Jeffers. You know the one who wrote Lost and Found, Heart in the Bottle and oh so many other greats?! We got a free cupcake, free hot drink and all of our Oliver books signed by the man. And Oliver got a tattoo from Yoyo! Her arms are adorned with many of Oliver’s cute-as-a-button characters from his books. I think they were both just as excited to meet each other! 🙂


The Other Day…

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The other day whilst walking to work I saw two older ladies huddled closely together on a bench outside a little-hole-in the-wall cafe licking the cappuccino froth off their plastic coffee cup lids and giggling hysterically… It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.